Wednesday, April 6, 2011

his + hers: new computers

I've needed a new laptop for about a year now. Last year around this time my back-light broke and motherboard was in danger. I paid to repair the back-light and have been living life on the edge of motherboard danger ever since. After I did my taxes I mentally ear-marked my return for a new laptop.

B got a new computer his last semester of college (2004). He's computer savvy, so that desktop has be through upgrade after upgrade over the years - more ram, new monitor, ergo keyboard; however when he turns it on it sounds like an airplane getting ready for take off. For months he's talked and researched getting a new tower. That's right, just the tower, as an upgrade to what he already has (insert eye roll from me). He also ear-marked his return for a new tower.

I'd been leaning towards a Mac. I looked online dozens of times, went into the store and talked with people who own Macs. What I decided is that Macs are cool, user friendly and freaking expensive. I also could not stop thinking about this article Ashlee shared with me. B suggested I do more research on computers other than Mac. I did a little research and found comparable PCs.

On Saturday we headed out to run some errands. B suggested we look at computers while we were out and about. Computer shopping was not on my to-do, but I agreed. While at Best Buy I talked to an extremely helpful salesman who sold me on an HP. Not only did it have all the features I needed, the price was more reasonable.

We headed to another store to do a little price comparison. Another extremely helpful salesman (commission anyone?) talked to us for at least 45 minutes. He and B were using words that made my eyes glaze over. He mentioned the laptop I was interested in was on sale at their competitors store, so they'd match the price. What's the price you ask? $550 - that's right steal-of-a-deal. I was sold!

Meanwhile B had been eyeing the towers, asking lots of questions, while I mentioned how nice and clear the fancy new monitors (that can come with a tower) looked! When I mentioned I was sold, he decided to also bite the bullet and purchase - brace yourselves - not just the tower, but a bundle (monitor, tower, keyboard, mouse) that was also price matched steal-of-a-deal and a splurge for B. I'm so proud of him for getting the bundle!

Two hours later we left the store with two brand new computers for roughly the price of one Mac ($1239 to be exact). Not at all what i was expecting to do with two hours on my Saturday, but I am happy to have a new computer and for such a deal! 

So with that loooooong winded explanation, I give you his + hers: new computers 

HP Pavilion Desktop 
Best features (in my opinion): 23' flat screen monitor 
faster and more memory than the old clunker 

HP Pavilion dm4
Best features: Webcam (so excited to video chat! yes, I know I sound like a teenager)
DVR capabilities (when connected to your cable, how cool is that?)
Small (14.5 inch) and light weight (4.5 lbs)

Yep, that's probably way more than you ever wanted to know about our new computers and our buying experience! Moral of the story - it truly pays to do research and ask if stores will do a price match. Maybe in 5 years I'll be ready to bite the bullet and go Mac. Until then I'll be rocking the HP! 

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