Thursday, August 20, 2009

My friend Chelsea...

was my roommate in college. We lived together for 3 fun-filled years in our sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta.
and I knew shortly after meeting that we were meant to be friends! best friends to be exact.

is a hard worker but knows to never take life too seriously. She's thoughtful, funny and has a great sense of style. Just a few good reasons why we get along so well.

lives in beautiful Durango, CO. I wish it was closer to CA.

is engaged to a fabulous man, Trevor. Talk about a match made in heaven!!

is tying the knot in 23 days!

will be a gorgeous bride!!

Before she gets hitched it's only proper she be showered with love, best wishes and a few gifts! Over the weekend her mom and lovely ladies in Durango did just that. While I was unable to be there in person, I was honored to make her invitations. It was one of the my best creative challenges to date.
Here are a few pics of the invite...

Page 2 was a detachable recipe card for the guests to share their
favorite recipe with the bride and groom.

And a few pictures from the shower...

Guest of honor making mimosas

Cute party favors - filled with granola

Beautiful flowers from mother of the bride's yard.
She's also growing and designing all the wedding flowers!


Lisakay said...

Looks sooo cute! Congrats again Chels and good job Michelle

Crave! said...

YAY! Thanks for blogging about me, I couldn't have executed the shower, OR this wedding without your help, moral support and creativity! I love you friend!!
You are the BEST!

kaci j said...

ps i loooove your hair in the pic. and you are such a good friend to blog about your bestie! She is LUCKY to have you. and you, her. what a match made in sorority CU heaven!! :) loves!