Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Succulent Inspired Boutineers

Did you see this one coming? I would hate to leave the gentlemen out on this creative adventure! Plus I had left over materials from my succulent inspired flower bouquets, so the natural thing to do was make succulent boutineers, of course!

Here is some of the inspiration for making the boutineers, courtesy of Pinterest:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4
To put these fella together, I trimmed each succulent down to boutineer size and paired it with a flower. For the blue rose succulent, I kept it solo because it's pretty enough on it's own! I wrapped the base of each with a thin strip of burlap.

Clockwise from the top:
Blue Rose succulent
Silver Dollar Jade succulent with white dahlia 
  Eucalyptus leaves and berries with purple mum
Vera Higgins succulent with small purple flowers (can't find their name!)

My favorite is the blue rose, with the eucalyptus and mum coming in at a close second!

Similarly to the bouquets I shared yesterday, this project was fun but took much less time!  I do have to say, the succulents were much easier to work with for the boutineers due to the fact they're on a much smaller scale!

 This post is part of my September Creative Challenge. Follow along as Inspired Honey Bee and I do something creative Monday - Friday all this month!  


kaci j said...

oooo, i like these a lot. and the purple bouquets from the 9/12 SCC too. i can't wait to be a part of the big day and carry fun flowers so inspired!

Jnelly said...

Pretty sure you need to be a florist!!! =) <3