Thursday, September 15, 2011

Power to the pedals!

This Saturday my friend/co-worker, Mass (short for Massachusetts. she calls me Colorado), will hop on her bike and ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Its an epic ride: 525 miles in 8 days all along the coast of California.

For several months she has trained, raised money and will ride in the California Coast Classic Bicycle Tour all to benefit the Arthritus Foundation. Prior to training she'd never been a distance cyclist. It's been so fun to hear about her journey in new equipment (bike shorts, riding jerseys and clip-in pedals), see her photos from training rides and cheer her on as she's made new personal bests on time and elevation gain.
I wanted to do a little something special in preparation for her big day. I had some fun bicycle paper (made by Recollections - I Wanna Ride) so I made her a good luck card for others at work to sign.

Using the same paper, I also made a simple triangle banner to hang in her cube!

I put them in her cube at the end of the day yesterday to greet her first thing this morning. She was surprised and so appreciative - hooray!!

Not only am I excited for her, I'm beyond impressed! In case you haven't already done the math - that's a lot of riding per day. In fact, one day she'll be riding for 8 hours! Yep, a full work day of pedaling. Thankfully it is along one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. So please join me in wishing her GOOD LUCK and power to the pedals!! Thankfully she's already taken her spill while clipped into pedals (a rite of passage), so it should be smooth sailing down the coast!

This post is part of my September Creative Challenge. Follow along as Inspired Honey Bee and I do something creative Monday - Friday all this month!

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Jnelly said...

hummm can I PLEASE be your co-worker and get all this cuteness!!!