Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Creative Challenge, Round 2!

Last year Inspired Honey Bee and I had did a month long creative challenge we named the September Creative Challenge (see posts here). The idea was inspired by Paper Source's motto Do Something Creative Everyday. The challenge was fun, inspiring and exhausting at times. 

As this September inched closer I kept thinking about the challenge and if we dared do it again this year. The answer is YES we are up to another challenge, but with a little more flexibility this year.

uring the month of September, we challenge ourselves and you to join us by writing about something creative Monday through Friday, on your blog or twitter. What does "creativity" look like? Here are some ideas:
- an actual project
- something inspiring (store display window, piece of art)
- inspiration board
- being creative in everyday life (organizing a drawer/closet, trying a new recipe with a unique ingredient) 

I am also inviting my creative friends who don't have blogs to guest post here on enchelleada. If you are interested in that idea, please email me: thewholeenchelleada{at}gmail{dot}com

And now onto my first project of the month! Last winter I saw these gorgeous calling cards of some of my favorite professional bloggers on dandee's blog.

Since I'm not a professional blogger I can't justify spending money on beautiful letter press or hand stitched cards. I do love the idea though of having cards with a link to my blog. Next time the enchelleada comes up in conversation, how handy to be able to give someone a cute card with the link!

Using Avery Business Cards, I printed two sheet with my main blog info. I went through my scraps of paper and found a few fun patters. I cut down the white business card and mounted them to the colorful card stock.

Now it will be a little bit easier to share the enchelleada love. Perfect for this month's challenge!! I hope you'll stop by this month and see what I'm crafting. Don't forget to visit Inspired Honey Bee too! Today she's talking ombre.

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Debbie Mendes said...

So cute Wengs!!! I love chevron print!