Thursday, February 4, 2010

Love Letters

I'm a big fan of February. Holidays are behind us, resolutions have become routine (or fallen off the wagon), it's prime ski season and the spring is within sight. And last, but certainly not least, it's Valentine's day - my favorite holiday cards to make! I remember making Valentines in college, probably drinking Carlo Rosse wine and watching Sex and the City. It was so much fun to send homemade heart cards. Since college I've continued that tradition, sending a little love to my close friends and family.

This year I decided to take a different route. Rather than putting all my energy into making cards, I thought I'd support a friend's card business and put energy into what I write. Each day this month I'm going to send one card to someone special in my life and tell them what I love about them, aka Love Letters.

A former co-worker told me she loved me the other day, quickly followed by a "I hope that wasn't weird. I just think we should say it more often, make sure the people who are important to us know we love them." I could not agree more.
{photos and cards by JNELLY}


Jessica said...

I love you. and i love getting cards from you. And i hope i'll be getting a jnelly designs card from you because i'll love that too :)

you're so sweet and clever and creative and thoughtful. all of these are things i love about you.

Chelsea Krueger said...

The only time I have ever made cards was with you, in college for valentines day! Great memories!
Have a happy February and remember that SO MANY people love you, and don't always say it.

kaci j said...

this is the whole, very reason i love, love LOVE valentine's day. it's tied as my first favorite holiday because I LOVE to tell people i love them, and what better day?! just another (as if we need more) reason we are twinners.