Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween 2010

Q: What do you get when you cross a Jellyfish and a Chilean Miner? 

1. A really bad joke.
2. Our Halloween costumes.
3. All of the above.
Halloween 2010: Jellyfish and Chilean Miner
A: All of the above! 

We had a fun, low key Halloween: watched the Giants game, dinner with the Tabers and wandered to a few bars in our costumes. My feeling with Halloween and New Years Eve is less hype always means a more fun evening. Not be to Debbie Downer, but too much time, energy and anticipation can lead to disappointment. I was happy we'd made our costumes: pretty simple, creative and definitely did not disappoint! We also managed to spend less than $50 (which was my goal) - double bonus!!

 Here's how we put the costumes together...
  As mentioned here, I found this costume idea on Martha Stewart's Halloween Central. To begin, I printed these instructions as my guide. I knew I wanted to make it a little more colorful so rather than using iridescent cellophane, I went with purple. I also used packing tape rather than hot glue, in an effort to possibly reuse the costume and/or clear umbrella (I didn't want to melt any holes).

When making the costume I was honestly a little nervous that it was turning out to be a cheesy homemade costume. In the end I was happy with the outcome and received quite a few compliments. For the price and final product, I give this costume two thumbs up! If you are going to a bar or crowded party, keep in mind an open umbrella with tentacles is large and may annoy some. After a few comments I carried the umbrella over my head but slightly closed (as seen in top photo with B).

I you decide to make this costume, here are the materials I used:
- Clear umbrella (Nordstrom Rack, $16)
 - Small and Large Bubble Wrap (CVS Pharmacy, $10 - they were BOGO!)
- Purple cellophane and curling ribbon (Michael's, $8)
- Clear packing tape

B's costume was inspired by the rescue of the Chilean Miners. After a little internet research, the costume was born. All of the items he already owned, except the $8 hard hat (Ace hardware)

To make the costume he found an old pair of jeans and white t-shirt. With a new piece of BBQ charcoal (thank you neighbors) he created his "just crawled out of a mine" look. After not shaving for a few days, and a little mascara he had the scruffy face. The large Blublocker sunglasses were from an old costume. Headlamp from our camping gear was added to the hardhat. To complete the costume, he chanted "Chi Chi Chi Le Le Le" while out and about. It was a hit!

These two are off to the costume box in our storage unit...until next time.


Jessica said...

pure awesomeness.

kaci j said...

chi chi chi, awe awe awe some some some! LOVE LOVE LOVE!