Tuesday, November 23, 2010

i am thankful for creativity.

i am thankful for creativity. for me it comes in a variety of forms - crafting, cooking, planning parties, music, pictures, blogging - and i thrive on it.

i am thankful for creative collaboration. let's be honest, even martha stewart has a team of people helping her accomplish projects. i love being able to bounce ideas off others (and vice versa) to make a project or craft that much better.

i am thankful for creative inspiration from my dear friends and complete strangers (thank you blogosphere!). i am also thankful for sweet comments and encouragement.

i am thankful for stores like paper source that just ooze with ideas and resources. you can't help but do something creative everyday if you're in that store.

i am thankful for organization. i could not stay sane or be creative without organization in my life.

i am thankful for holidays that give me extra inspiration me to make fun new things, like these pumpkin placecards for Thanksgiving. These were inspired by this and this



kaci j said...


i LOVE LOVE LOVE those pumpkins. how did you make those?! i may try to make them tonight. just for freakin' FUN. i love them.

i am thankful for YOU in soooo many ways.

rachel.a.taber said...

Ummm.... these made me drool with paper envy- I LOVE THEM!!! YOu must teach me for future years, I think they are just the most amazing, cutest things I've ever seen!