Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I am thankful for Brian.

i am thankful for Brian. his sense of humor, love of the outdoors, sense of adventure, work ethic, knowledge of football, insurance and electronics (especially thankful for the last two) and doesn't take himself too seriously... just a few of the things i love most.

i am
 thankful for all the great new music he brings to my life. i always thought i had good taste in music. what i didn't realize was that it was all pretty similar (lots of one man bands). i'm thankful for the variety now in heavy rotation on my ipod.

i am thankful for his frugality financial knowledge and understanding. we balance each other out. i'm learning to save more, he's learning to spend just a little more

i am thankful for homemade lattes courtesy of barista Brian, especially in a Denver mug!

Today we're hittin' the road in route to Southern California for Thanksgiving. We'll be spending turkey day with my mom's family in the OC!

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