Saturday, November 6, 2010

you make my heart go BOOM

In our house, the word BOOM is used fairly often. It originates from the game John Madden Football for Super Nintendo, circa 1990. "BOOM, heck of a play" is the actual quote. B and his brother P shortened it to just BOOM. Most days it makes me laugh, other days I ask to take a break from using the word BOOM, but for the most part I've embraced it.

The other day I stumbled upon Vol.25 a blog/Etsy shop with adorable art posters. According to the artist "they're made to give at least one person the warm fuzzies." Imagine my delight when I saw this one:
Too perfect not to get for the guy in my life that not only makes my heart go BOOM, but uses the word on a regular basis. Plus the turtles remind me of one of my favorite commercials, the Slowskys.  

It immediately went into my cart and I continued to browse. I could have easily purchased tons of other prints, however only went with the BOOM poster...for now. It arrived just in time to put on B's desk for when he returned home last night. In the envelope were some free postcards too, including a mini version of this, lucky me!


kaci j said...

LOVE this. you are such a crafty, creative gfri. i am sure your BOOM-tastic slowsky madden bfri appreciates. maybe that will make his list of values... ?? )


VOL25 said...

Aww Michelle you are too sweet! :) Reading this definitely got my morning off to a great start! It seems this print was absolutely perfect for him! :)