Saturday, November 6, 2010

To the moon

Last week I received some sad news. My Dad's beloved dog Rocky passed away. 
When I visited at Thanksgiving last year I realized Rocky was getting old. His legs were a little shaky and hearing was on the outs. I wrote about it here

 While everyone was devastated to see him go, it was his time. I hope Rocky made it to the moon, but wherever he landed may he rest in peace. He was a good dog, so he deserves the best!

On Thursday I was at a local book store and the owner had his two pet Samoyeds in the store. They were a lot bigger than Rocky or Schnee (my childhood dog), but it was fun to see them and reminisce. There is something about those black noses and all that fluffy white fur that I just love. 


Jessica said...

you'll be missed Rocky!

blick blick

dw said...

Rocky doesn't have any more hip pain, he's running again and his hearing is great.....greetings from the moon.
blick blick

kaci j said...

ahhh, sad day. as an owner of two pups, i can imagine the heartache, bittersweetness of this day. my heart goes out to your dad and family.

to the moon!!