Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Do you want to go?

This is Rocky. He ALWAYS wants to go - outside, for a car ride, and even to the moon! He's pictured here on a ride in the car. Tough life, eh? He was so comfortable in the front seat that my brother and I opted for the back seats.

Growing up we had a Samoyed, just like Rocky. Her name was Schnee (German for snow). Samoyeds are known for their fluffy white fur, LOTS of energy and their ability to talk. The two in my life have always responded best to the question "do you want to go?" To egg them on my dad always adds "do you want to the moon?" To this day it still makes me laugh!

I really enjoyed spending time with Rocky (and my dad) on our recent trip to Florida. Rocky still has his spunky personality but his hips are a little shaky these days. I was looking forward to taking Rocky for walks but quickly realized Rocky is slowing down. He sniffs every blade of grass. It took me 20 minutes to get around a small block.

Rocky is 90 now (in dog years) which was the same age that Schnee left our lives. When I realized that, the sniffing every blade of grass made a lot more sense. Rocky is an old man. He's taking time to smell the (roses) dirt and grass. I was sure to give him extra love, just in case. When it is his time to go, I hope he goes to the moon!


kaci j said...

i love this blog. possibly my favorite ever. especially because i came home today from a heavy client load and just wanted to lay with my pups and cuddle in their love... sounds like rocky is going to miss a lot of lovin' when he heads to the moon :)

dw said...

Rocky says good morning, he woke me up this morning by talking to me and telling me he REALLY needed to go outside. It is 45 degrees out so he loves it,Woof woof from Rocky and a blick on the face