Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sticky Situation

I usually try to steer clear of sticky situations. In this case, I can't get enough!! My cute, crafty friend Debbie introduced me to this glue a few months ago.

Not wanting to be wasteful, I worked on using up the rest of my 'other glue.' While it did the job, it tended to ripple the paper and take forever to dry.

In preparation for some homemade holiday gifts and cards, I decided it was time to try something new. I could not be happier with my purchase because this stuff is amazing. It's super adhesive AND it dries quickly. Even if you aren't an avid crafter, try this glue! I purchased mine at Target, but I'm sure you can find it at most craft and office supply stores.

Speaking of sticky situations, it's worth noting that you ALWAYS want to make sure to clear the tip of the glue before restarting a project. I apparently forgot this kindergarten tip last night when I squeezed and squeezed the bottle until the top popped off and glue was everywhere. On my hands, my pants, the floor, the table and drenched the tiny piece of paper I was trying to glue. Lesson (re)learned.

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Debbie said...

Said "cute friend" warns all users!