Monday, January 25, 2010

Chip the champ

The University of Colorado may not be anywhere near defending a National Championship on the football field, but have you seen our mascot in action?

Last weekend the beloved CU mascot, Chip, won the Mascot National Championship title for the second year in a row! Now we're not talking the CapitalOne text in your vote type of challege. This is an actual routine with music, props and ....I guess you'd say talent! While the dance moves aren't too complex, it's pretty impressive that someone is dancing in that huge costume. When you set that to songs like Hammer Time and Party in the USA it's an unbeatable combination! Check out the winning routine here.

In my opinion, Chip has always been a winner. It's nice to see him getting the street cred' he deserves!

Go Buffs!

1 comment:

Jessica said...

YES! and you're right... the moves left a little to be desired, but i can say that from my soap box OUTSIDE that giant costume :)

either way, CHIP is my hero and always number one to me!