Monday, January 4, 2010

Holiday Highlights, Part Two

Holiday Highlights
Part Two: Friends

I love go to Colorado for several reasons. In addition to seeing family and visiting my favorite places, I get to see so many friends! During the holidays I'm always extra lucky because even out of staters are in town. This year was no different and for that I'm thankful.

Highlights include:
Baker's Street Tradition ~ Brunch at the NEW Snooze
Running at Belmar in the snow ~ Scarf Exchange
Brainstorming our reunion boot camp ~ Benny's & Govs
Dinner & over night down in the ranch
Mimosas and Dress Shopping
SURPRISE birthday dinner
New Years Eve ~ Skiing at Copper Mountain

While I don't have photos of all my adventures with said friends,
I do have this fantastic reindeer antler photo montage ...

{photos courtesy of JNelly}


kaci j said...

wait a minute, there are TWO of that blonde chick! and she's wearing different sweaters!


Janelle said...

you must be seeing double kaci =) put down that drink!! Love the post mish

Jessica said...

we. are. awesome.