Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Run Happy

i made a goal in november to sign up and train for a half marathon. i'm happy to write that i've been logging several miles lately, working towards my goal. my friend debbie made me a handy half marathon training schedule that hangs right next to my computer. it serves as a reminder to run and a reward to mark off the completed runs! i've also successfully recruited my friend and workout buddy, heather (aka frans), to run the half as well. it's been nice to have someone to do those long runs with, especially because she's a GREAT story teller!

last friday we did an eight mile run up into the hills of piedmont. i felt great while running and didn't necessarily want to keep running, but if i had to run five more miles i could have mustered up the endurance (especially if frans had more stories). at that point i realized, i can do this. i'm ready. bring it on golden gate park! while i still have more pavement to chase to be physically ready, mentally i'm set!

one other important detail i completed this weekend was purchasing some new shoes. i've been very loyal to asics but after a thorough shoe fitting, test run through the store, and side-by-side analysis, i chose brooks. while they are not nearly as cute as the pink and silver asics, they are very comfortable and felt like they offered the best foot support. function over fashion? i know, i was shocked too! i even told the friendly shoe fitter that this was BIG for me :) final tipping point on the decision was the brooks were on sale!

as i carried my new shoes out of the store, i noticed the shoe box said 'Run Happy' which made me smile. i am happy with my shoe purchase. i'm also happy to have stuck with my goal to train for this half marathon. as i finish up my training in preparation for february 7, i will remind myself to run happy because that's what these shoes were made to do.

i'm sure you're dying to see the brooks, aren't you?
from my view, they're cute in their own way.

besides, this is all anyone will really see...


kaci j said...

run like the WIND!! function over fashion will make you OH so happy at 13.1. Promise :) Wish I could be there to support you and cheer you over that line!! and provide some fashionable shoes to change into, ASAP. :)

ps the 'confirmation' word to post this comment is 'fardip'. i like it. let's define it.

Jessica said...

I'm so proud of you! for keeping your goal, for running another half (on your journey to a full!), for being amazing and determined and motivated!

I wish i could be there to make you an amazing brunch and be the loudest one cheering for you at the finish line, and recruiting complete strangers to help, just like the last time! i can't wait to hear how GREAT you do!

(and those shoes look totally kick ass from behind! oh and FAST!!)

and Kaci, for the record, my word was me, it sound like a "fancy" version of another word...i'm just sayin...

Debbie Mendes said...

Run like a girl. See you at the start line!