Friday, January 8, 2010


this morning as i rode the #11 bus into work, i realized today is my last day riding this bus. over the last two years i've built a love/hate relationship with the 11. Here is a glimpse...

i love that i'm able to get to and from work without a car. i love that riding the bus is not only saving the environment, but saving me money (i pay $4/day to ride the bus vs a minimum of $7/day if i were to drive and park in downtown oakland AND my work provides me with a quarterly reimbursement). i love that it only takes 20 minutes to get to work. i love that i can completely zone- out, listen to music or check facebook updates while i ride. i love the people watching, especially the junior high kids that go to school in downtown Oakland. i love the people i've befriended on the bus, especially the bus drivers (there have been a handful of times they've waited for me in the morning as I come running down the street).

i hate waiting when the bus just doesn't show up. thankfully this has only happened after work, so its never made me late but its still frustrating. i hate when i've been running to catch the bus and it drives right past me (i realize this is more my fault than the buses but go with me, please). i hate riding the bus when its monsoon rainstorm. people get extra feisty and it smells pretty gnarly. i hate seeing how some people treat the bus drivers (i try to be extra nice to them on those days). i hate not being able to run errands during the day or right after work.

all in all, the love outweighs the hate. this is the first time as a professional i've relied solely on public transportation and i'm hooked.

it's been a great ride, 11. i look forward to the adventures that await me on my new bus/BART train!


kaci j said...

ohh, that makes me sad for you and the #11 busline. However, i know that it was a good ride, good ride. and, you will always have the opportunity to get back on the bus and ride... great news is that public transit is not going anywhere (figuratively) and you can pick up when you settle down :) AND, in true twinner fashion, I start my dependence on public transportation next week. you can live vicariously through me :)

Jessica said...

oh how i look forward to the day i don't have to ride a bus anymore...i'm glad you're so keen on saving the environment, you can continue to do so with me in mind. unfortunately, i think my hate far outweighs my love for the #61. and the hate i have for those bushes i landed in while trying to run to it, those outweigh it all :)

have fun on your new bus, buddy. I'm looking forward to hearing all about the new (read crazy!) characters you encounter!