Monday, January 25, 2010

I might never leave the kitchen

Jess and I modeling our new aprons

My sweet friend Melissa made these adorable aprons as holiday gifts. She made each apron completly unique to the recipient; different colors, fabrics and patterns for each apron. I could not have picked out more perfect fabric or design for myself. And it feels extra special knowing she made it just for me!

I received many thoughtful gifts, but this one is one I'm going to have a hard time taking off. I might never leave the kitchen so I can keep it on!

Sweet Melissa has hinted at selling them.
I've encouraging her to sell them on Etsy. Stay tuned!


Sarah said...

your apron makes your boobs look good. who knew that anyone would ever say that about an apron. i think your friend should market them based on this fact. :)

Jessica said...

we. are. hot.

and melissa is the BEST!

i've already worn mine on more than one occasion!