Monday, October 3, 2011

Baby Banner Gift Bag

Over the weekend was a baby shower for Chelsea and her little fella, who is due at the beginning of December. Although it would have been so great to be in Durango to attend, it just wasn't possible to get there. More possible was wrapping up some cute clothes and mailing them for the shower!

It's always tricky to mail a gift to be presentable for a shower. You never know if the wrapping will survive the trek. At the advice of IHB, I decided to wrap the items in the adorable tissue paper provided by Baby Gap and mail them with a gift bag to be assembled prior to the shower!

I didn't find a gift bag that coordinated with the tissue paper, so I decided to make my own! I choose a brown kraft paper bag to work with.

You know how I feel about banners, especially for babies (see here and here), so I pulled out this stamp as my inspiration.

To make a baby sized banner for the bag, I cut four banner flags out of this fun blue chevron paper.

Using the Cricut I cut four denim colored circles and paired them with the letters b-a-b-y (using scrap paper from this project).

I glued all the pieces together, lay them out on the gift bag and FAIL. Baby banner is too big for the bag!! I mostly wanted to share this picture to prove that projects do not always pan out as planned, but you probably already knew that :)

I quickly changed my plan and went for round circles and baby fit perfectly! Hooray, tragedy averted!

I punched a small hole on each side of the bag and strung the banner on some twine. I then tied the banner onto the gift bag.

Ta-Da: Baby Banner Gift Bag!

After I snapped this picture, I unpacked the bag and carefully placed all the items in a box. I mailed all the items to Chelsea's mom who kindly re-assembled the bag and took it to the shower on my behalf!

I think today marks two months until we all get to meet Baby Krueger! I cannot wait to snuggle him in this. In the meantime, we can gush over this new cute fella, Dylan Teuber, who was born last week!! Congrats to his parents Lisa & Doug! 


Chelsea Krueger said...

It was adorable! Michelle never ceases to amaze me with her preparedness and creativity!
- The mom to be :)

kaci j said...

LOVE it!! Also love the 'fail' pic- thanks for keepin' it real :)

Debbie Mendes said...

Love that stamp!! You really do find that inspiration from everywhere ... SNOOP! xoox

Banners Portland said...

You are so creative! Thank you for sharing this:-)