Monday, October 17, 2011


Well, we survived the road trip from California, arriving to Denver on Friday (more on that soon!). After a quick unpack/repack transition, on Sunday I flew to Philadelphia to start my new job

 When I received my job offer, it came with a start date during their annual conference. I was, and still am, pretty excited for the opportunity to experience the largest event I'll be helping to plan. After I accepted the position and was booking my flight to Philly, this song popped in my head and has been there since, thus the name of this post.

Today was my first real day on the job. I spent the better part of an 11 hour day shadowing one of my new co-workers who graciously answered all my questions and introduced me to everyone. I have been warmly welcomed by the entire staff and heard a lot of "wow, trial by fire" and "they're really throwing you in". True, its overwhelming and I have no idea what time zone I'm really in, but I am so thankful for this experience. I know that when it's time to contribute to the planning process I'll have an idea of what they're talking about.

As for actually seeing Philly, I think this photo, taken tonight from the 33rd floor of the Loews Hotel, and quick walks from my hotel and the Pennsylvania Convention Center might be the most of what I see...this time.

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Karis said...

Oh no, now that song is gonna be stuck in my head for days ;) I actually saw them in concert in Philly when that song was popular hee hee.