Sunday, March 13, 2011

One month later

Today marks one month since we got engaged!  
Sactown 3.12.2011
  The past month was filled with congratulatory messages, celebratory drinks and dinners, cards and fun treats. We are loved.

While we've gone back to our everyday routes, life feels a bit more exciting. Perhaps it's the sparkly ring I get to put on every morning or maybe its the thought that we're that much more committed. Whatever it is, I'm a fan.
As a daily reminder of our engagement, we used pebbles and rocks we collected at Tennessee Cove to update a vase/candle in our bathroom.

Before: Ikea vase, candle and sea glass we collected at Glass Beach last year. In order to adequately fill the vase, I bought some additional sea glass at Michael's (which B says, and i agree, is cheating) .

After: First I rinsed and dried the pebbles and rocks. I emptied the vase and weeded out the impostor sea glass. Then I put it back together by layering the pebbles, authentic sea glass and rocks surrounding the candle. I love how it turned out!

And now that I've waited a month the real fun planning! It hasn't completely hit me that it's our turn to plan a big day. As you can imagine, I'm pretty excited! I've already been marking pages in the new Martha Steward Weddings and consulting with friends. I promise to share details along the way of our stress free wedding planning process.

Please note B's addition to the Real Simple Weddings book

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[Lovely by M] Michelle said...

What a beautiful idea!...and Congrats! So exciting.