Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What I've been working on

Two weeks ago I wrapped up a project for a co-worker. She originally approached me to be her day-of wedding coordinator. I was unable to help on the day-of, but offered my creative services prior to the big day. She hired me to make her place cards, table signs and goody bags. 
When I saw their wedding invites (below), I thought about Debbie's escort cards for her bridal party and how perfectly that stamp matches their invites!

I borrowed the stamp and ink from Debbie and purchased a few other supplies to make some sample cards. I incorporated a few different styles and fonts for the bride to choose from. 

Using bits and pieces from a few of the samples, here is what the final place cards (all 92 of them) looked like: 

Note: the groom is from Israel, so they used cities in Israel as their table names
Materials used - Stamp: Color box ink in lettuce, 
Paper: Puppy Love (purple), Avery small tent cards (white)
Fonts - Scriptina and Garmond (in small caps)

I was working on this project the weekend the Japan earthquake/tsunami occurred. I could not believe (and still can't) the images of destruction of the actual storm and the aftermath. As I was walking to work one day, thinking what I could do with the extra cash I was earning, I decided I should donate it. While there are a plenty of things I could apply it towards (like much needed new laptop or you know put it in savings for the wedding), I knew in my heart others needed it more than me. In addition to participating in the bloggers day of silenceFor Japan with LOVE, I donated my earnings to Shelter Box. I could not be happier with my decision. 

Last week I had an event for work (as in, my full time job). It was a celebration for our HEAL-CHI grantees (healthy eating active living - community health initiatives. yep, welcome to kp...we heart acronyms). Since I love to plan meetings/events, I was happy help! In addition to planning the meeting logistics (venue, food, name tags, etc) I put together the favors. 

Keeping with the HEAL vibe, we ordered herb gardens from our brand store. Wanting to make them more festive (why not?) I made flags to put in each. 

I tried to make flags using the Cricut, but they were a FAIL. Instead I made these colorful flags using good ol' MS Word. I printed them on card stock, trimmed them down and attached each one to a wood stick. 

They made for a really nice favor and doubled as our table centerpieces (in addition to bowls of whole fruit for snacking!). I think they turned out cute and was happy that the guests liked them too. My boss even admitted she was not sure what I meant by "little flags" but was happy with the outcome. I'm glad to know they have faith in my creativity!

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