Friday, March 25, 2011

Creative Recycling (thank you cards)

For all the people who tell me they aren't creative (but I know you really are)I'd like to share with you an EASY way to make homemade cards. Think of it more as recycling, than being creative.

When I receive cards, I put them on display on the fridge or my dresser to enjoy. Every few weeks I do a clean sweep and these cards are put in two categories: sentimental cards I save to enjoy reading again at a later date, and a majority of the cards I keep only the front of the card to reuse. 

Here's a batch of thank you cards that I made into a new set of cards.

Original thank you cards

New cards - thanks again!

Here are up-close shots of all the cards and a few details...
For this card I used scalloped scissors to resize the original card.
I used brass brads to mount the card on kraft cardstock.
I used only the 'thank you' portion of the card. I rounded the edges and
mounted it on a piece of  a recycled envelope (similar to this) and attached them to a blank white card.
This was the trickiest card, although not too hard. I carefully cut the 'thank you' out of the card and mounted it on a tag. I then mounted the entire tag on the original card, carefully covering the hole.
I only used the 'thank you' portion of this card. Using a piece of brown paper and brass brads, I attached the thank you to a card made of kraft and patterned paper. 
I simply trimmed the edges and mounted this on light gray cardstock. 

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