Tuesday, January 4, 2011

here's looking at you, 2011!

a new year is here! in fact, we're four days in so i've had plenty of time to mull over some resolutions. while i've never been a hardcore resolution type of gal, i do like to think of a few. i like goals, structure and having something to work towards. while i continually set goals for myself (which i've shared here and here), resolutions feel more like something to work towards, not necessarily something i can check off a list. that being said, this year i am going with three themes: save more, waste less and be timely. 

save more. mainly, money. over the last year i worked hard at actually creating a savings that contained more than the minimum balance to gain interest. this year i want it to be an actual pot of money that grows with each paycheck. for future needs (like a new car, wedding, down payment on a house), vacations and emergencies. i'd also like to make smarter purchases, because even though i'm trying to be on a saving kick, i know there are tons of purchases i'll still want to make. with an automatic deposit into my saving and a financially savvy boyfriend, i think this resolution is doable, although it's going to take some work. 

waste less. food, paper and time are the things that come to mind, although i know there are other areas i can cut back. before we left for CO i cleaned out the fridge and was sad with how much i was throwing away. on the plane ride i read this fascinating article in Sunset magazine about a zero waste family. it really inspired me to think of the ways i can cut back or use less.  with organization, planning and a few people i already know that are good at this i am hopeful to get better at this! 

timeliness. sigh. sadly, i am that person that is usually 3 minutes late. i have the best of intention to be timely and then when i'm not i get disappointed in myself. considering that, i wanted to pick a few things i could work on this year to feel better about my timeliness. they are: be on time to work, respond to emails within 24 hours and get things in the mail so they arrive in time for birthdays. easy enough, right? so far i've made it to work before 9am this week. my goal is 8:30am. yep, i've got work to do!

speaking of goals and birthdays...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kaci!!! read her 2011 resolutions here, and while you're there give her some birthday love!


Debbie Mendes said...

You have no doubt the strongest willpower! I believe you can do it!

kaci j said...

Thank you for the birthday love and shot out! hooRAY!

3 minutes late is way better than my standard 14 minutes. you win, twi, you WIN.