Monday, January 10, 2011

shut the front door

{from etsy.  spotted here.}

reference 1: more publicly acceptable and PG version of STFU. i learned this term from Brandee. to this day thinking of the way she says shut the front door in her Iowan accent makes me laugh.

reference 2: the door is ajar, not fully closed and/or wide open. please close it all the way and check that its locked. 


While I've been known to drop reference 1 of shut the front door from time to time, this post actually applies to reference 2. 

Friday evening after our purge party, we headed out for sushi to a hole-in-the-wall hot spot within walking distance. Saki and sushi was followed by a little fro yo. We took the fro yo to-go and headed home. Commenting on how we could see our breath and we're eating frozen treats, we hurried into our house. 

Our apartment is on the second floor, but you enter the actual apartment on the first floor and immediately go up a flight of stairs. Our front door has three locks, two of which we use at all times. The bottom locks automatically and the top requires the turn of a knob. 

We spent the remainder of the evening in the warmest spot in our house, the living room. When I went to get ready for bed I was freezing. On most days our house is drafty so this wasn't too out of the ordinary. However, we made an executive decision to camp out in the living room for the night. It was my first time sleeping on our new(ish) couch. Survey says - comfy!

The next morning we got ready and headed out for bagels & coffee (we heart you Noah's!) and some errands. To our complete shock and horror the front door was ajar, not wide open but also not fully closed. The knob on the top lock had been turned, unfortunately the door had not been fully shut. I can't remember who was the last in, but I blame the cold weather and my desire to get warm enough to eat my fro yo. This also explains the extra drafty air we were feeling in the apartment.

The good news is that we survived a night in Oakland with our front door wide open. We are lucky and maybe our neighborhood isn't so urban after all? Just in case we'll be shutting the front door AND locking it from here on out.  


kaci j said...

i'm glad no one came in to turn on your tv.

twi's strike AGAIN. it's official.

kaci j said...

and ps, i want that sign.

Victoria said...

That is kind of scary, good to know your neighborhood is safe!