Monday, January 10, 2011

his + hers: its gotta go

Between the new year, this Sunset article about the zero waste home and the three upcoming weekends of house guests, I've had the urge to purge. Friday after work when most hip people are hitting up happy hour, I was eager to get home and tackle my dresser and closet. I created three piles: sell, swap and Goodwill. I'm planning to host a clothing swap with some friends and co-workers at the end of the month. Whatever I can't sell will be added to the swap pile, and anything that's not sold or swapped goes to the Goodwill (along with a few straight to goodwill items)

I'd mentioned my urge to purge to B a few times. I don't think he was expecting to come home from work to three large piles, but much to my delight he jumped right into the purge party! We ended up with five bags of clothes and shoes. My dresser drawers and hangers in the closet haven't glided with such ease in quite a while. I love how tidy everything looks and feel extremely satisfied that we were able to let go of so much.

Well, not everything was that easy to let go. There are times we all need a little honest and loving push encouragement to get rid of. Which brings me to this weeks his + hers post, the items we told each other "its gotta go."

HIS: white long sleeve t-shirt
This (off)white shirt has been well loved. Purchased from the Gap several years ago, its safe to say B has gotten his full ROI on this sucker. For an undisclosed amount of time I've encouraged B to let this one go. After a humorous discussion over a pair of Unionbay cargo shorts (M: "umm unionbay, do they still make that brand? how long have you had these?" B: "ooookkkkkkkkkk, they're going to Goodwill") I noticed B hanging this shirt in the closet. He jokingly placed it right next to my clothes, knowing its not my favorite. That's when I said its gotta go! It's in the straight-to-Goodwill pile, in case you're wondering.

HERS: pink flower pajama shorts
I'll admit, I've had these pajama shorts a little too long. About as long at the the cutoff jean skirt I decided to part ways with (ahh the college memories). Comfort and the patchwork flower have made them hard to let go! Ironically also from the Gap, these shorts have lasted a long time. I had them in my 'maybe' pile while purging. Once I commented on B's white shirt, I knew immediately what he'd pick for its gotta go...They also headed straight to the Goodwill pile.

They say the key to a long lasting relationship is compromise. I'd say honesty and humor are right up there too. Like joking for three years about a shirt you don't love and then having the heart to finally say...its gotta go!

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