Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hobo no mo'

When I got my first full time job I was ecstatic. Not only was it was the job I'd hoped to get, but I'd got it before graduation and I was finally completely supporting myself. With my first full pay check I made a few celebratory purchases. The biggest and most exciting was this gem: 

 a black hobo Coach bag. 

Classic, cute and a huge treat for my gainfully empolyeed self. For the last six years I've taken this sucker everywhere. Bars, baseball games, work, weddings and more. It's my go-to small black bag. More recently it's been shelved due to it's smaller size. You can only stuff so much into a little bag before you can no longer zip it. You see where this is going, don't you? 

On our recent trip to Portland I tried to carry a little too much and POP, the zipper couldn't do it anymore. With that pop my heart broke a little bit. Even though I haven't been using it as much these days, it's my go-to. I called the Coach store and they told me to bring it in, repairs are free. I dropped it off and $20 later (repair is free, but shipping is not) was hobo less but hoping for the best. 

Today I received a box in the mail with my returned hobo. A nice letter informed me that "after careful evaluation, our craftsman have determined that we are unable to repair your item."


The letter continues..."We understand that you have been inconvenienced by this process and may be disappointed with our inability to make the requested repairs. In addition to returning your original item to you, we would like to offer a 40% discount on your next Coach item."


I know it's just a bag and there are tons of other cute black bags that could just as easily be my go-to. The discount on the new bag helps, but I'm still bummed. I have a little hope that someone can repair the zipper so I plan to try somewhere local. At some point I know I'll have to move on. I've already looked at the Coach website and don't love anything. I may or may not use the coupon, we'll see. I will be on the hunt for a new bag or two (can't hurt to have a black bag AND something fun for the summer, right?). This is the ending of an era of me at the little black hobo. May my next bag be just as cute, join me on just as many adventures and have a little room to zip with ease.


Jessica said...

i heard about that pop. i also saw the stuffing and hoping stuff wouldn't fall out that ensued. that's a definite bummer about them not being able to repair it. here's to hoping you find a cute new bag (or 2!)

i'll let you know if i see anything you can't live without!

kaci j said...

i seriously don't understand how they can't fix it.


Chelsea K said...

Someone local can fix it! AND you get a new one for 40% off!! Change is good, especially when it means you can get a new Coach purse!