Wednesday, April 14, 2010

hurt so good

i thoroughly enjoy a good lunch time work out. whether it's a walk/run around lake merritt (merely steps from my office) or a good workout at the ol' 24 hr (3ish blocks away). it is so nice to get away from my desk and move my body. i notice a drastic improvement in my mood, the afternoon always goes by much faster and i don't want to fall asleep at my desk - all wonderful benefits.

just as much as i love much lunchtime workout, i love a good post work out stretch and foam roller sesh. it feels like my time to unwind after a workout. i've only more recently used the foam roller on a regular basis. for a long time it just hurt, so i wouldn't use it. having temperamental knees, i've been told that 'rolling' out my IT bands will help with knee pain. true story! my knees still hurt when i run a lot, but the foam roller definitely helps with the tightness that tends to set in. it also seems to prevent my knee from swelling. what ever it is, it hurts so good and i love it! paired with my 'unwind' stretching it's like a mini trip to the spa. that is until i open my eyes and remember i'm at the gym in downtown oakland!

i like the foam roller so much that i asked for one for my birthday. weird present, i know. that's how i roll... 

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Sarah said...

maybe your foam roller (when you get one) and my foam roller can go out :)