Sunday, November 8, 2009

Paper Dolls

Last week while babysitting the cutest kids in Piedmont, I had the pleasure of making paper dolls. Not just ordinary paper dolls, but Paper Source paper dolls!
Per our usual routine, once I put E (3 yr old boy) to bed, R (almost 7 yr old) and I have about 45 mins of girl time. We usually play a game, read books or I braid her hair. This time she said, "I have an idea!" I'm thinking...checkers? Monopoly? A book I won't pronounce the character names correctly?
And then she busts out this awesome paper dolls kit...

I was beyond excited as she showed me the dolls she'd already made, the variety of fun paper you can use to create the perfect outfit and accessories, and finally the easy to use stencils.
R and I made twin dolls. It was so fun to see her in creativity in action. She even suggested we use pencil to trace instead of pen, easier to erase. Girl after my own perfectionist heart!

If you are looking for an interactive gift for a young girl in your life, check these out. It's a gift that's fun for everyone! Orrr maybe just paper lovers/kids-at-heart like myself :)
*photos from Paper Source website


Lisakay said...

I want to come make paper dolls with you :)!!! Once again...I heart Paper Source.

Ariel said...

As much as I love Paper Source, what I love even more is how much you love my (often rascally) kids!