Wednesday, November 18, 2009

High. Low.

Last night I was scheduled to babysit R and E, but their mom A stayed in not feeling well. With the decline of babysitting was an offer of dinner. Not only did I get a delicious home cooked meal, I had the pleasure of sitting down with them. They'd mostly finished up dinner but I'd arrived just in time for high lights/low lights of the day. I immediately knew what they were talking about. You see I've played this many times before. My twinner taught me; you go around in a circle and each person says the high of their day, and the low of their day. The twist to the version I played last night was that they "stack the deck" and do two highs and only one low. I really liked that!

In the moment I quickly thought of my highs and my low - great lunchtime work out class, getting to see pictures of this cutie and unfortunately I missed a meeting with my boss, ugh. Looking back, the highest high of my Tuesday was dinner with them playing high/low. It was fun to remember our positives, sympathize with the negatives and most importantly have a quick chance to recap the day.

The perspective of the kids was nice to hear. R's low was not getting to wear her Uggs to school, I can completely sympathize because I wish I could wear mine everyday. E's low was when his mom turned off the lights to conserve energy. I could not sympathize on this one but had a good laugh. I told him some might think of being energy conscious as a positive!

I challenge you too take a moment or two at the end of today to recap your highs and lows. It's amazing how many positives you can find, even on a bad day. Oh and definitely don't forget to stack your deck!

Note: In true twinner fashion, Kaci and I were blogging about high low at THE SAME TIME without knowing it. And that my friends is why we are twinners!


Chelsea Krueger said...

Oh you Twinners are too cute! I read both posts and will be posting one of my own hopefully soon!
Thanks for the inspiration!

Ariel said...

You are always a highlight!

kaci j said...

YAYAYAY For twinner fashion! PS how in the heck did you link to me?! that's fanTASTIC! i want to learn...

highs today (so far):
-reading this blog and loving my twinner
-dropping off myla to get snipped :)
low... that you're not on sametime. but you ARE on bbm, so it's like a mini low :)