Friday, December 16, 2011

Pinterest-a-thon: Snowman Ornament

Last but certainly not least, today is my final guest post for the week written by Adriane! I met Adriane during the conference but did not get a chance to get to know her until we were back in the office. She's super sweet, funny, also a CSU ram (lots of rammies in our Boulder office) and works out at 24 hr Fitness so we've taken a few classes together. Thanks for sharing your project, Adriane!

 Every Christmas we get my Mom a snowman ornament – so this year I decided to make mine! My project was inspired by this pin, originally see on Craft Goodies.

After an hour-long trip to Michael’s, in which I spent way more than I needed to on Christmas decorations, I came home with Styrofoam balls, yarn, wire, buttons, and burlap.

I started out by wrapping three Styrofoam balls in yarn (takes longer than you’d think), and glued them together to create the body. The original post used black furniture tacks for the buttons, but I rebelled and chose the genius route of hot-gluing – wait for it – four buttons to the body. I then used 20 gauge wire to makes the arms and hat, and cut a burlap scarf to complete the project!

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Tricia said...

This is so cute! What a fun idea to gift your mom a snowman every year! Merry Christmas!