Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Springtime in San Francisco

I've been away. For no real reason. I've had lots of ideas to blog about, but haven't made the time. Meanwhile I've been searching for jobs, writing cover letters and wishing, hoping and praying that my letter gets someones attention! Oh and we've been traveling - up the Northern California Coast, skiing in Tahoe and this past weekend to Portland, OR. OH and I ran a half marathon. What an amazing day and my fastest time yet! I guess I have been pretty busy. Well, I'd like to MAKE more time for my blog. I miss it. Hope my absence didn't deter my loyal readers :) 

So, Happy Spring! The Whole Enchelleada is back (or so I hope!). 

1 comment:

kaci j said...

THANK GOD You are back. Now I can stop feeling like a stalker reading about your Life on Cragmont every day. Every day.

love, loyal ready #239