Monday, April 15, 2013

Hi, I'm Baxter!

Hi, I’m Baxter! I am a three and a half year old German shorthaired pointer (GSP). Two months ago today I was adopted from the Foothills Animal Shelter by the Lackores. Prior to arriving at the shelter I went by the name Magnum and lived in rural Kansas with a GSP breeder, who raised hunting dogs. It’s debatable whether I was a real hunting dog but I certainly love pointing at birds, squirrels and small dogs and using my big nose to take in all the scents. 

I first met the Lackores on Valentine’s day when they came to look for a dog. I saw them walk by a few times and next thing I knew we were in a visitation condo and they were throwing the ball for me. I was loving up all their attention and tried to be on my best behavior. They thought it was cute that I jumped up to hug them. Turns out they went home that night and talked to some family and friends and did some research on my breed (like watching this video). 
I guess my hugs paid off because the next day I was sporting a new collar and heading out of the shelter with my new parents! They kept mentioning someone named Baxter and I was a little confused but then I realized that was ME they were referring to! I feel much more like a Baxter than a Magnum, so I'm ok with the name change.  Now a days I also go by Bax Dog or BD for short (like my tail!).

The past two months have been a roller coaster of excitement! I have loved settling into my new house. I am pretty free to roam in the upstairs when my parents are home and love the spacious backyard. I was quickly banned from the downstairs on my own because I thought I could use it as a bathroom…that plush carpet sure feels like grass to these paws!

We live really close to some open space and I just looooove going for runs there. Have you seen all those birds and deer? Well, next time I’ll point them out to you! Oh and the smells, mmm mmm mmmm.  I equally love going to the dog park on the hill. I cannot get enough of chasing all those tennis balls. My parents tell me I’m the fastest dog at the park! 

As much as I love running and playing, I really love my dog bed. There is nothing better at the beginning, middle and end of each day than stretching out to take a nap! Just typing this makes me want to curl up and take a snooze. 

The hardest part of this new situation has been while my parents are at work. I get pretty bored, and anxious that they’ve forgotten all about me, so I find projects to surprise them when they get home. Unfortunately it seems like they are disappointed when they come home to my surprises. So I started a class where I get to eat a lot of treats and apparently I will improve my bad behaviors. I can’t wait to make my parents real proud!  

Although I'm not always the best at expressing it, I am really thankful I was adopted by the Lackores. I think I'm a pretty sweet addition to their family!

Phew – my paws are tired from all this typing but it’s sure been fun. I hope to share more of my adventures and misadventures with you soon!

Woof, Baxter


Debbie Mendes Cotton said...

So excited to have Baxter in the family!! Love you boy!! xoxo auntie debbie

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